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Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers in Union, MO

When you buy a car in Union, Missouri, you need auto insurance. If you have a family, sooner or later, it won’t be just you that you have to worry about. Your teen is probably going to want to start driving as soon as possible, and that means you are going to have to find auto insurance that accommodates them. You’ll want to add them to your own policy, or if they’re getting a car, get an auto insurance policy of their own.

It’s not just the added expense of bringing another driver into the family that you have to worry about with respect to insurance. It’s the expense of bringing one of the highest risk classes of driver into the mix. If you have more than one potential teen driver on the way, your head is probably swimming trying to figure out how to rewrite your budget to accommodate the new world order.

Those seeking car insurance for teens in Washington, MO, Union, MO and surrounding areas are in a unique category. Teen drivers are the most accident-prone. Over 243,000 teenagers were treated for motor vehicle crash injuries in 2013, and teenagers are three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal car crash.Naturally, your main concern is for your child’s safety, and you’re going to do everything you can to make sure they drive as safely as possible at all times. Sadly, the statistics show that some kind of accident somewhere down the line is practically inevitable.

When it comes to teen drivers’ insurance in Washington, Missouri, Union, St. Clair and surrounding areas, that can mean sky-high premiums. The fact that you are very careful with your teen’s driving privileges and that you’ve made sure your child is a responsible, defensive driver is great, but it’s not something that factors into an underwriter’s actuarial tables. The facts are that teenagers have much less experience than other drivers, and on average, they have poorer road judgment. They may also be much more easily distracted by their phones, the radio or friends in the car.

All of these are issues an insurance underwriter has to take into account when creating your policy. That’s why you need David Pope Insurance Services, LLC for auto insurance for young drivers in Union, MO, Washington, St. Clair and more.

Learn About the Incentive Programs You Can Take Advantage of to Reduce The Cost of Adding a Teen Driver to Your Policy

Affordable Teen Drivers’ Insurance Near Washington, Missouri

If you’ve been tearing your hair out worrying about how you’re going to afford outrageous auto insurance premiums for your teenager, or worse yet, for your multiple teenagers, call David Pope Insurance Services, LLC right away. We pride ourselves on generating flexible quotes for a wide variety of policy needs.

We’ve insured countless teen drivers, as well as older drivers, higher risk drivers and drivers of non-standard vehicles. It’s what we do. And we’ll find you your quotes fast, so you won’t have to spend weeks biting your nails over whether or not you can afford for your child to drive.

Find Your Perfect Teen Auto Insurance Policy Today

Other auto insurance companies that haven’t drawn up and sold as many teen auto insurance policies as we have may not be as sensitive to your needs and concerns. They may not know the optimal way to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child has the best possible coverage while still making sure you have affordable premiums. We do. We’ve done it over and over again. We know the right underwriters, the right techniques and the right policy options to design your ideal teen auto insurance policy.

As a local, family-owned and operated insurance company with over 15 years in business, we understand the needs of Missouri residents when it comes to auto insurance, especially when it comes to auto insurance for young drivers. We’ll work with you to find the policy you need at the rate you can afford, so your teen can enjoy the privilege of driving responsibly and hone the driving skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

We want your Missouri family to be part of the David Pope Insurance family. We want to insure your vehicles and your teens’ vehicles, and keep insuring them when they become adults themselves. We know we can only earn that kind of loyalty by giving you the best possible customer service and the most satisfaction when it comes to your auto insurance policies. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing for over 15 years, and we can do it for you and your family.

Let us show you how we can find you the perfect policy today. Give us a call at 636-583-0800 or fill out and submit a contact form online for a free quote now.